Welcome to Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) we are academic institute that offer Scientific and research and preparation for a range of careers that will use your research skills and have the potential for scientific, economic, societal and industrial impact. Even if you are not sure yet about which career to pursue, having a plan and developing academic, research and generic skills and experience to support your research will provide structure and coherence to your knowledge, and mean that you are well prepared for a career. Remember that the best plans are flexible and evolve as time goes on. Our research training programs and resources are designed to help you be your best.

At Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR), our well-designed and implemented research and professional development is an essential component of a comprehensive system of teaching and learning that supports students to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies they need to thrive in the 21st century. With our research programme, we aim to be an international competition. In some scientific fields of research.



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