The student needs professional learning for increasing interest as an essential way to support the increasingly complex skills students need to learn to succeed in the 21st century. Sophisticated forms of teaching are needed to develop student competencies such as profound mastery of challenging content, critical thinking, complex problem solving, effective communication and collaboration, and self-direction. In turn, effective professional development (PD) is needed to help the student learn and refine the instructional strategies required to teach these skills.


Professional development program in Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) is committed to training students to become leaders and equipping them with the necessary skills to be innovators in their chosen fields. Our program’s interdisciplinary approach to learning offers individualized training and career-building opportunities that prepare students for successful research-intensive careers in academia, industry, government, and other sectors. We also cultivate our students’ interests in the breadth of research-related careers for which Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) program prepares them—careers where the life sciences meet education, entrepreneurship, policy analysis, law, and management. With a vision towards our student’s futures, At Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) we provide comprehensive career and professional development opportunities that empower our students to explore careers that positively impact society as a whole.