Research can be defined as a careful study of a subject, especially to discover new facts or information about it. Research is either summary of information or evaluation of some already discovered information. Research involves “searching again” the subject what others have written on it. Research is blended with information and knowledge, assessment, and innovation. Firstly, it gives information on a particular subject or matter, secondly, evaluates the earlier research or reviews relevant literature, and finally, the new work adds some innovative aspects, both practical as well as conceptual. Engaging in research deepens and broadens a student’s experience and knowledge in their chosen field while helping them develop problem-solving skills that all potential employers look for in their applicants. Active participation in research is also an important element in a successful application to both graduate and medical school.


Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) offers many opportunities for research. The variety of potential topics and depth of scholarly inquiry reflect the resources available and the diversity of faculty research interests within the institute. With increased emphasis by the Institute on academic engagement, the opportunities for research will continue to increase. This includes research-based courses that provide a useful introduction to a given research area and can represent a significant research experience


To develop new research resources, Connecticut Institute of science and research (CISR) scientists conduct hypothesis-driven research in their areas of interest.  We also adapt technologies to enhance them for use in our research or that of other scientists.


Our team has a broad base of experience, enabling us to take on projects that require a variety of expertise. We can partner directly with other scientists to help them resolve research issues that require special strains, resources or tools